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Terms & Conditions

1) All food, drink, club entrances for the entertainer, must be paid for during hire hours. If your party is drinking, our entertainer must be offered that opportunity. The same goes for eating.

2) The deposit is non refundable for any reason you may have to cancel.  

3) We cannot reserve your date for you until deposit has been paid. 

4) Deposit must be paid before we can hold the date for you. This is so that our entertainer can take up work opportunities elsewhere.

5) Remaining fee to be paid in full, cash on arrival or via bank transfer at least 1 week before any day of hire. No work will begin until money is handed over

​. The fee is non-negotiable at the point of arrival and departure.


6) Please do not pay our entertainer in advance. They must only be paid when they arrive at your event. ​


7) Should you (the client) cancel the hire of our entertainer within 48 hours of the event, you will be required to pay 100% of the total fee. This is non-negotiable.


8) In the event of cancellation less than 8 days of your event, if the entertainer has booked a hotel to be with your party, you will be liable for any fees incurred if the entertainer is charged for cancelling their room. 


9) If the entertainer has been hired for a specific person (i.e. a stag, hen or birthday man/lady) and that person is unable to be at the event due to over-intoxication/illness or any other reason; our entertainer will try to do their best to use the time up that you've hired them. However, if it seems the group do not know what to do and the entertainer deems the hire as time-wasting, full payment will still be required no matter how long our entertainer is there - this is non-negotiable. It is the responsibility of the person who receives this invoice to ensure the person who our entertainer is there for, is in a fit state to enjoy what you will be paying for. 

10a) Strictly NO drugs must be taken whilst in entertainer/s presence.


10b) Strictly NO encouraging our entertainers into drinking heavily.


~ Should either of the above happen, our entertainer can immediately leave with full payment.

11) It is common for people to laugh and stare when they see a short adult and we are used to this...however, the entertainer/s must be respected by your party at all times and if there is any abuse whether verbal or physical, the entertainment will immediately end and entertainer/s will leave with full payment. It is the responsibility of the event organiser to ensure respect is given by their guests. 


​12) Absolutely no picking up our entertainer(s). This can (and has) resulted in injury.​

13) If the entertainment includes dwarf hire being handcuffed to a stag or hen, please note that if the stag or hen does not wish for this to happen, it won't. In this event there won't be any reduction of fee. 

14) Occasionally people have a fear of dwarfs and/or people in costume. If this happens and the dwarf hire needs to be cancelled, the fee will not be refunded and full payment is still due to the entertainer. 

15) The time of hire begins and ends at the agreed time stated above. Should the event be running late, the hire must still end at the agreed time. It is the entertainers decision whether they wish to work for longer/later than scheduled for an extra fee of £100 (minimum) per hour for a minimum of £100 cash to be paid before work continues. 

16) The entertainer is there for you. Please ensure that if there is something you want him/her to do, they are there to ensure that the agreed is met. So please do not hesitate to guide the entertainer when you wish him/her to do something (that has been agreed). 

17) The word 'midget' is wrongly used to refer to people with dwarfism, it is mostly thought of as very offensive: occasionally the word 'dwarf' can cause offence too. Every individual is different. Therefore, during the event, it may be easier to refer to the entertainer by their can't go wrong with that. 

18) The sole purpose of the entertainment is to make your event one to remember. That is what Little Yet Large aim to do, Little guys but large fun! So most of all, we really do hope you have a fantastic time. We just have to make these rules to cover our 'wee' butts!

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